The last decade and a half has been a journey of embracing change and breaking into new frontiers for us. When we look back on how we consistently reshaped and expanded our world, we realise we couldn’t have done it without our beloved WATizens. As our tribute to their glorious service, we are etching their names forever in the history of WATConsult. We proudly present to the WAT family, the marker of our collective passion for exploring the unknown and our stepping stone to a new universe of possibilities - the WATIZENFT!

This NFT’s created with the names of all the employees who have worked with us and hence became an integral part of our existence in the last 15 years. Scroll through to find all the names that bring back extraordinary memories!

Own a Piece of WAT History!

Get a poster of this NFT and let it take a place of pride on your work desk, home wall or any
other favourite spot of yours!

Dear WATizen,

Before you leave, allow us to thank you for impacting us with your work in a way that matters
and helping us create a legacy that lasts!

You joined us as an employee who turned into a friend.
Now you’ll remain in our hearts as a friend who became family!